eyeVocab delivers long term vocabulary retention to radically improve language learning at all levels.

By presenting distinctive and affective images in isolation, eyeVocab enables multidimensional attachments to vocabulary concepts. Students learn quickly, accurately, and retain the information long term.

eyeVocab is designed to reduce distraction and enhance learning by pairing vocabulary with images that cultivate multidimensional connections, presented in a way that allows students to focus solely on the task at hand. This results in increased attention, rapid mastery, and long term memorization.

“I recommend eyeVocab in the strongest terms possible! We implemented the program at UC Davis and have been absolutely delighted with the results.”

Robert Blake
Distinguished Professor of Spanish Linguistics
and Spanish Language Program Director, UC Davis

eyeVocab is available for Arabic, Spanish, and Latin, and can be implemented on desktops (Mac or PC) and select mobile devices.