“The vocabulary offered by eyeVocab is extensive—it successfully covers all the major texts that are currently in use for Arabic instruction.”

Gaye D. Walton-Price, PhD.
Arabic Language Instructor, Berkeley City College


For the serious student of Arabic, eyeVocab is essential. Arabic is notoriously difficult to learn, and eyeVocab drastically increases the speed and quality of students’ vocabulary comprehension.

Our eyeVocab Arabic implementation includes:

  • 1600 words of Modern Standard Arabic vocabulary from first, second, and third year textbooks
  • Full forms of masculines, feminines, plurals, and verbs with prepositions as appropriate
  • 250 example phrases, simple sentences, and examples of dialog which incorporate an additional 300 Arabic words. In addition to extra vocabulary, these contextual examples provide highly memorable models of grammatical formulae
  • Easily accessible glossary; searchable by English, Arabic, or Arabic root.
  • 300 words from first year Arabic texts include English Mnemonics which both refer to the given image and suggest the sound of related words
  • All Arabic word roots are included in the notes

What’s next? We’re currently working on an expanded implementation in Modern Standard Arabic that includes Levantine and Egyptian dialects.

Click here to check out tests from an Arabic program at UC Davis that reveal the dramatic influence of eyeVocab